Essential Understanding Before You Sign-up For A Module:

1. There is no teacher to seek clarification on assignments.  These courses are self-completed and marked at the end of the course.  

2. If you use AI to complete part or all of the course.  You will be removed from the course, or the assignment will be graded as 0%.  There is no recourse if AI answers are copied and used as your own.

3. Read carefully what is being asked of you.  

4. The point of these courses is that you learn, so take the time and develop your skills.

5. The course is marked 4 times a year only. Student marks will appear on the Semester Report Cards. Students will not see the course in PowerSchool until after the course is marked. 

Courses close down June 14th, 2024

How to Sign Up

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Courses (More courses added weekly)

WLD3020: Wildlife Protection and Stewardship

Students examine how human populations and wildlife affect each other and explore management strategies that enable humans and wildlife to coexist and individual and shared actions that foster environmental stewardship.

WLD3050.H: Wildlife Management Principle

The course will examine the functions and processes of wildlife management and identify issues that may affect the development if a wildlife management plan.

Guiding Questions
  1. What are plants and animals' historical roles and relationships to people and communities?
  2. How does nature affect wellness in individuals and communities?
  3. How do natural elements enhance wellness in various shared spaces and activities?
  4. How can you enhance wellness by modifying a personal space using natural elements?

HSS1020: Nutrition and Wellness 

Guiding Questions

    1. How do food choices affect our health and wellness?
    2. What are the effects of hydration on health and wellness?
    3. What are the strategies for achieving optimal nutrition at various stages of life?
    4. How do we evaluate nutritional information and misinformation?

HSS1010: Foundations

Guiding Questions:   

  1. How can we evaluate the determinants of good health in Canadian society?
  2. How can we evaluate the dimensions of wellness and factors affecting personal wellness? 
  3. What are effective and appropriate hand-washing techniques? 
  4. What are the basic principles of movement and how do these principles contribute to health and wellness
  5. How are the basic principles of anatomy, physiology and disease related to systems of the human body?

HSS2030 - Perspectives on Interpersonal Relationships

Guiding Questions

What are the different types of relationships, considering traditional cultural beliefs and practices?
What types of conflicts exist in relationships?
What strategies can be employed to manage conflict positively in all types of relationships?

Mec3010 Buying and Selling Vehicles

  1. Investigate and determine the type of vehicle that best meets a defined need.
  2. Evaluate and describe the condition of a vehicle
  3. Plan a strategy to buy or sell a vehicle
  4. Recognize the legal rights and responsibilities of both the seller and purchaser.
  5. Identify safety concerns and regulations when buying and selling vehicles that have been repaired after an accident.

CTR3310.A: Career Directions - Transitions

Are you looking to plan and think about your future career? Look no further than Career Directions - Transitions! This single-module booklet allows you to work at your own pace and covers everything you need to know about your next steps. Once you've completed the booklet, submit your answers in the submission box below. Our grading system is based on the module booklet, so give it your all! To get started, use your Google Account to make a copy. Good luck!

REC3140: Sport and Society

Students explore the structure and function of community, amateur and professional sports organizations. The impact of sports organizations and events on society is also examined. The student will - describe the relationship between sport and society - explain the role, structure, and function of community sports organizations in society - evaluate the structure and function of professional sports organizations. 

TOU1010 - Tourism Sector

The purpose of the course is for students to research the management and operation of a travel destination. At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

• identify what attracts tourists to different destinations • identify the steps involved in planning a destination • identify and discuss stakeholder roles within a destination • understand travel patterns and the expenditures of visitors within a destination • assess the impact of various issues on a destination • investigate and communicate information related to managing a destination facility 

CALM - Career and Life Management Course

This course is offered when the CALM classes are full.  Please be aware that there is no teacher for this course.  Students, take in all the information you can as you learn how to budget, about health and some ways of living.  Important note: If you are graduating this year and taking this course, you risk not passing the course at the end of the semester and, therefore, halting your graduation. 

Calgary Public Library Free Courses?

Wondering if a course from Calgary Public Library would fit with a module?  Well, many of them do.  If you decide to use a CPL course.  You will need to contact with the course link, and we will evaluate the content.  Do this before you start the course. There are no guarantees the course will be transferrable, so it is best to check first.  

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